What Dates Matter?

Basically, this will be the world's first randomized crossover trial of a ketogenic diet versus a control diet (supplemented with healthy eating guidelines) in Alzheimer's. We believe this study to be vital for people with Alzheimer's, for several reasons:

(1) To date, medications have failed to improve Alzheimer's in any significant way; some drug companies are even "walking away" from Alzheimer's; we have no treatment, and we need one - badly!

(2) Theoretically, medications usually treat a single enzyme or receptor, Alzheimer's is a complex condition, so this strategy is probably insufficient; however, a sustained diet modification treats multiple targets in a person's body, so there is reason to believe this approach may succeed where medications fail.

(3) Unlike medications, diet is self-empowering; a person is in control of their own treatment.


Therefore, this study is about doing something different, to explore a potential new treatment for Alzheimer's, which would be a great thing for people all over the world with this difficult condition.

There will be two phases to the study - phase 1 is in 2019, then everyone crosses over to the other diet after a 10 week "washout" period over the holidays, and phase 2 is in 2020


The critical assessment dates for each phase are as follows.

Phase 1 (2019):

Baseline Assessment (September 2 and 6)

Week 6 Assessment (October 14 and 18)

Week 12 Assessment (November 25 and 29)

Phase 2 (2020):

Baseline Assessment (February 10 and 14)

Week 6 Assessment (March 23 and 27)

Week 12 Assessment (May 4 and 8)

We are very excited about this potentially ground-breaking study..stay posted to find out what happens!


Sincerely, Matt.

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