Nutrition In Alzheimer's

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Introducing The Study

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An Important Question...
“Can a diet intervention treat Alzheimer's?”

  • Medications are not very effective when it comes to treating Alzheimer's.

  • There are good arguments for a diet-based approach to treatment - but which kind of diet might be best?

  • Do we keep carbs low or high?

  • Do we keep fats high or low?

  • Let's answer this important question!

In Late 2020...
  • Waikato Hospital Neurology, Geriatrics, Psychiatry, and Dietetics Depts, and Tauranga Hospital, will team up with our participants and partners to continue the second phase of the Alzheimer's Dietary Study.

  • In 2019 and 2020, we randomly allocated patients with Alzheimer’s disease, plus a study partner, for 12 weeks to either a low-carbohydrate “ketogenic” diet high in healthy fats, or usual diet supplemented with healthy adult eating guidelines and recipes.

  • The study is now completed; now we are in the midst of the publishing process, which can take several months. This will hopefully be done by late 2020. We will get there! :)

A Pioneering Study....
  • This will be a vital study for people living with Alzheimer's around the world.
  • We will be publishing the results later in 2020, as soon as the publication process has been completed. This is an important process and cannot be rushed.

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